Introductory Offer
Bring fun and excitement to your life with an introduction to
dancing at Harpe's Dance Inc. It is the investment in yourself that
is truly rewarding.

Harpe's Dance has a well known reputation for providing expert
instruction in all types of dance for all ages and abilities.

If you are not certain what style of dance you may prefer or what
type of instruction setting that suites your needs, this introductory
offer is for you.

3 - 30 Minute Private Lessons

We use a variety of techniques to teach you to dance, including:

Private Lessons, where you work one on one with an instructor on the various elements
of dancing, including patterns, timing, lead/follow, styling

Group classes provide a learning experience with other students on the floor. Because
the student is not the only couples dancing at a club, wedding, or any function, it is
important to understand how to maneuver with other couples on the floor. The Group
Lessons concentrate on aspects such as floor craft, dancing with other partners,

Parties, which provide the student with the opportunity to have fun dancing within a
comfortable and familiar environment and to practice their dance skills.

Showcases. Which provide the students the opportunity to display their skills by
performing choreographed routines with their teacher or partner.

We teach American and international styles of dancing in the popular Latin and
Ballroom dances, Country and Western and Social dances including:

* Salsa                *Fox-trot                                * Two-step
* Mambo              * Waltz                                 * Triple two-step
* Swing                * Tango                                * Polka
* Lindy                * Viennese Waltz                  * Night club
* Hustle                * Quick step                        * WC Swing
* Cha Cha
* Rumba
* Samba

And when your friends also enroll, we add bonus lessons to your program as a way to
say thank you!